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We are passionate about quality education. We want to inspire people to further their STEM education and consider a career in science or engineering. We think the best way to do this is to spark interest with hands-on, practical activities and experiences.

School science doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. It has to be engaging. It has to be stimulating. The science must be sound. And, crucially, the pupils have to do something. Tick those boxes and they will learn something, too.

We utilise many formats, from paper worksheets to phone apps, grand challenges to one-day events. We make sure teachers find our resources useful: our solutions won’t gather dust on the staff-room bookshelf or drift off into cyberspace.

The team …

We’re a family-run business, set up by Ken Gadd about 15 years ago. The day-to-day running of the company is now overseen by Ken's son, Mark.

Our core team has a diverse range of experience and expertise which, together with our long list of trusted associates, means we can tackle all projects large and small.

Mr Mark Gadd (mark@4science.org.uk). Mark is a Director and project manager at 4science. He is a professionally qualified journalist and an experienced designer of commercial and educational publications, electronic and print. It is his lead that has gained 4science the reputation for highly accessible and innovative learning materials.

Dr Ken Gadd (ken@4science.org.uk). Ken is Managing Director at 4science. His extensive experience of curriculum and qualification developments spans over 30 years, and from general qualifications to vocational qualifications. He served on and chaired various national science committees and working groups. Author and editor of textbooks and numerous other publications, Ken has lectured extensively in the UK and abroad. 

Ms Katie Haylor (katie@4science.org.uk). Katie is a Project Officer at 4science. She is a Pharmacology graduate who spent her industrial placement year working in reactive metabolism. Katie is a keen science communicator; following her degree Katie completed an internship in science communication at GSK. She now leads our RAEng-finded project, Champion the Researchers

Mrs Judy Targett judy@4science.org.uk) Judy provides administrative supprt and looks after all our finances. She also processes and dispatches all book orders to schools and individuals.

Mr Tim Gadd (tim@4science.org.uk) Tim is a full-time primary school teacher. He has worked with both adults and children with severe learning difficulties, and has particular skill in numeracy management. Tim provides essential advice, makes sure we don't lose touch with what goes on in the classroom, and brings expertise in the development and implementation of whole school strategies.

Publishing and packaging

We offer a complete book-packaging service for publishers, project managing the process from concept to camera-ready copy.

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Ken Gadd Associates Limited, Registered in England and Wales: 3969954
Registered office: Motivo House Alvington Yeovil BA20 2FG