champion the researchers

Champion the researchers

Champion the Researchers is a 4science project, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Five universities across the UK are each hosting a free, one-day event at which engineering researchers explain, demonstrate and promote what they do and why they do it. Groups from each school submit a short written piece explaining which researcher they liked the best, and why.

One group from each event is then selected to create a short film about their chosen researcher. They keep in contact with their researcher to construct a storyboard and think of some probing questions, and then go back to the university for a day armed with a camcorder. Films are edited back at school.

The events aim to:

  • increase pupils’ understanding of engineering research and consider engineering as a career or educational path;
  • improve and enhance engineer's understanding of public engagement, and enable them to articulate their research to a lay audience.
All videos, along with associated classroom activities and case studies, will be freely available on our Champion the Researchers website. 

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